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  Frequently Asked Questions about the Finally Fit Workout
  I’m out of shape, is this workout for me?
The Finally Fit workout maximizes intensity and minimizes risk. If you are currently out-of-shape, no other method will prove safer for you. At Finally Fit you are supervised every second of the workout so you can focus all your energy on effort and performing to the best of your ability.

Will I bulk up?
The goal of the Finally Fit workout is to build lean muscle. We understand that many women have a fear of “bulking up”. In general, most women have a small fraction of the muscle building hormones, such as testosterone, that men have. Therefore, it is unlikely for a woman’s body to bulk up naturally.

Will I lose weight?
You will lose FAT! It is important to understand the distinction. Each new pound of lean muscle that you gain will raise your metabolism by as much as 350 calories-per-week.

  Should I do cardiovascular workouts?
This is cardiovascular exercise, but in the conventional sense. By all means, continue to enjoy other recreational activities, but you will no longer find the need to rely upon them as a means to lose fat or strengthen the heart.

When will I notice a difference in my body?
Depending on your level of effort, consistency and caloric intake, you will notice changes in your body within six weeks.

Is the Finally Fit workout safe?
Due to the slow cadence routine, it is proven to be the safest form of strength training exercise. Minimizing momentum as the driving force helps eliminate undue stress on joints and ligaments. Furthermore, strength training helps prevent injury in our day to day physical endeavors.

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